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Current 2015 Tax Rates
Property Tax Rates

2015 regular property taxes are estimated to be $1.1657 per $1,000/Assessed Valuation.

EMS property taxes are $0.48 per $1,000/Assessed Valuation.

 2015 Property Taxes - City of DuPont     Tax Rate     % of Tax
 City of DuPont - Regular Levy 1.165763  10.38%
 City of DuPont - EMS Levy  0.481515  4.29%
 Pierce County  1.481300  13.19%
 Pierce County Library  0.500000  4.45%
 Port of Tacoma  0.183725
 State of Washington 2.386312 21.24%
 Steilacoom Historical School District     4.932289  43.91%
 Flood Control District  0.101612  0.90%
 Total Property Taxes  11.232515  100.00%

Additional Information:  For additional information on property taxes in Pierce County please visit the 
Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer website. 

Sales Tax Rates

The local sales tax rate in DuPont is 8.8%

Sales Tax Component   Tax Rate
 State of Washington  6.50%
 Additional Local Tax- Regular  0.50%
 Additional Local Tax- Optional  0.50%
 Criminal Justice  0.10%
 Juvenile Detention Facilities  0.10%
 Regional Transit Authority (RTA) 0.90%
 Zoo & Aquarium  0.10%
 Communication  0.10%

 Total Sales Tax Rate  8.80%

Business & Occupation Tax

The local business & occupation tax rate in DuPont is 0.1%

Admissions Tax

The admissions tax rate in DuPont is 5%.

Utility Taxes

The utility tax rates in the City of DuPont are:

 Utility     Tax Rate
 Water  12%
 Stormwater  10%
 Telephone, Electric, Gas & Sewer  6%
 Garbage 8%

Hotel/Motel Tax

The hotel/motel (lodging) tax in the City of DuPont is 5%.

Real Estate Excise Tax

The real estate excise tax (REET) in the City of DuPont is 0.5%.

Income Tax

There is no state or local income tax in the City of DuPont.