Animal Control & Pet Licensing

Animal Control

The City of DuPont contracts with the City of Lakewood for animal control. If you have animal control issues, please call (253) 830-5010. For emergencies only (i.e. dog attack / biting occurring at that moment), dial 9-1-1.

Animal Shelter

Pierce County Humane Society no longer transports animals; however they do shelter lost pets. Contact Pierce County Humane Society at (253) 383-2733 to see if your lost pet is at the shelter.

Pet Licensing

License Requirements

Pet licenses in DuPont are yearly and expire on December 31. Tags must be renewed by January 31 or late fees may apply. Late fees are not applicable for:

  • Any new pet acquired within the past 30 days, or one under 3 months of age
  • A new resident, within 30 days of their initial move in date

All cats and dogs three months of age or older must be licensed by the City and be current on required vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations are required by Washington State Law by the time your pet is 3 months of age, or a vet note excusing the vaccination is to be provided.  Proof of current vaccination must be presented at the time of licensing. New residents have 30 days to license cats or dogs who are three months of age or older.

Service Animals- Documentation is required for a reduced rate. Emotional-support animals are exempt of this reduced rate.

If your animal was licensed, but you no longer have your pet, please contact City Hall at (253) 964-8121 to have your pet's name removed from our roster.

Pet Import/ Export 

Important Notes from Washington Department of Health for anyone importing or exporting a pet: click here 

License Renewal

All pet licenses can be renewed through the City of DuPont. If you previously purchased a pet license from the City, courtesy renewal emails will be sent. If you would like a courtesy reminder for the next year, please supply your email address on the pet license application .

NOTE: Online pet licensing applications will not be available from August 22-September 8, 2022. All applications must be completed at DuPont City Hall. 

2022 License Tags are now available! Online applications can now be submitted online here. Each pet will require a separate application. Due to technical difficulties with submitting the form with a mobile device, it is highly recommended that you refrain from submitting this document with your phone and use a laptop or PC instead.

  • Vaccination records showing proof of current rabies vaccination are required and can be digitally attached to the form upon submission. 
  • Documentation of spay or neuter surgery must be shown for any pet over 1 year of age to receive lower rate. 
    • A written statement from the veterinarian must be received in order for this requirement to be waived. 
    • Owners who have submitted spay/ neuter documentation for a past City of DuPont pet license do not need to submit this documentation; however, vaccination documentation is still required.

Apply for your pet licensing here. After submission, you will receive an invoice for online payment within 24-48 business hours to your provided e-mail from Seamless Docs. If you experience any problems please e-mail Sean Randall.

Physical application instructions

You can also submit your application by downloading and printing an application form, then turning it in with a check with proper payment (Cash is strongly discouraged). Address checks to the City of DuPont and attach any medical documentation to the application and place into the utility drop box by the Sequalitchew Creek Trailhead at the DuPont Civic Center.

Licenses for your pets will be mailed to your provided home address in 2-5 business days following reception of complete application(s) and payment.