Animal Control & Pet Licensing

Animal Control

The City of DuPont contracts with the City of Lakewood for animal control. If you have animal control issues please call (253) 830-5010. For emergencies only (i.e. dog attack/ biting occurring at that moment), dial 9-1-1.

Animal Shelter

Pierce County Humane Society no longer transports animals; however they do shelter lost pets. Contact Pierce County Humane Society at (253) 383-2733 to see if your lost pet is at the shelter.

Pet Licensing

License Renewal

All 2019 pet licenses can be renewed through the City of DuPont. If you purchased a 2019 pet license from the City, courtesy renewal emails will be sent. If you would like a courtesy reminder for 2020, please supply your email address on the application (PDF).

Residents can get their pet tag at City Hall, located in the Civic Center, at 1700 Civic Drive, DuPont (right off of Center Drive). We are open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

License Requirements

All cats and dogs, three months of age or older, must be licensed by the City. All dogs and cats, three months of age or older, must be current on their vaccinations. Proof of vaccination must be presented at the time of licensing. New residents have 30 days to license their cats or dogs, who are three months of age or older.

If your animal had a license, and you no longer have your pet, please contact City Hall at (253) 964-8121 to have your pet's name removed from our roster.