Stormwater System Information

Stormwater System

The City of DuPont stormwater system is a network of pipes, catch basins, swales, detention/retention ponds, and ditches designed to carry stormwater away from streets, homes, and businesses. The City maintains 151,660 feet (28.7 miles) of storm water collection lines, 32,440 feet (6.1 miles) of storm ditches, 1,670 storm water catch basin structures, and 21 storm water retention ponds with an area of 10.82 acres.

Maintenance of Stormwater System

Some of our primary maintenance activities associated with operation and maintenance of our stormwater system consist of vegetation control and maintenance of stormwater swales and retention/detention facilities, cleaning and clearing debris from curbs and storm basin inlets, and working with owners of privately maintained stormwater systems to ensure proper maintenance and operations of their systems.

Call Before You Dig!

Where can I dig on my property? What about utility lines?

Call the Utilities Underground Location Center at (800) 424-5555 or 811 at least 2 business days in advance for free location and marking of utility lines. You are responsible for any lines that could be damaged during work on your property, so always call ahead and work carefully.