Mayor's Citizen of the Year Award

Award Program

The Mayor's Citizen of the Year Award was created to recognize those outstanding DuPont citizen volunteers whose unselfish and dedicated service to DuPont has made a significant difference to our community.

The importance of volunteers to our city cannot be overestimated. Whether the individual acts as a volunteer administrator of an event or contributes his or her time in support of an event, the efforts that are put forth deserve our appreciation and recognition.


This is an individual who has been innovative, creative, professional, involved, and committed in their service to DuPont during the award year. And whose service and participation have made a significant contribution to education, arts, community service, and the general welfare of DuPont. They will have promoted teamwork, common vision, and high standards of personal excellence through their service.

The nominee must be a resident of DuPont for a minimum of two years, prior to the award year. *

Nominations for the calendar year are due by December 31, 2021, and will be awarded in January. **

Please submit your nominees to Tiffany Graves-Quante at

*Cannot be an employee or elected official of the City of Dupont.

**See Award Nomination form