Water & Stormwater Rates

The City of DuPont serves all residential, commercial, and industrial connections for water within the City limits. All rates are based on cubic feet (cf). All meters are charged a base rate for water usage of 0 cf to 500 cf. Extra consumption over 500 cf is billed at the 2020-2023 rate of $2.33 per 100 cf.

Effective January 1 of each year, the City's billing cycle is every two months, and the rates per month are as follows:

Base Monthly Rate 20192020202120222023
Single Family$32.72$33.37$33.37$33.37$33.37
Single Family -- lifeline$22.90$23.34$23.34$23.34$23.34

3/4-inch meter$32.72$33.37$33.37$33.37$33.37
1-inch meter$54.64$55.74$55.74$55.74$55.74
1-1/2-inch meter$109.29$111.47$111.47$111.47$111.47
2-inch meter$174.40$177.89$177.89$177.89$177.89
3-inch meter$349.11$356.09$356.09$356.09$356.09
4-inch meter$545.43$556.34$556.34$556.34$556.34
6-inch meter$1,090.60$1,112.41$1,112.41$1,112.41$1,112.41
8-inch meter$1,745.01$1,779.91$1,779.91$1,779.91$1,779.91
10-inch meter$3,163.08$3,226.34$3,226.34$3,226.34$3,226.34
Fire Protection Service
(all sizes)
Excess Volume Rate - per 100 cf of water use over 500 cf/month.$2.29$2.33$2.33$2.33$2.33

 All new and transferred accounts will be charged a $25 administrative fee.

All renter's are charged a $100.00 deposit, which can only be waived by the owner/property manager (Utility Deposit Waiver Form). The deposit will be refunded at the time the utility account is closed.

Stormwater Rates: 

DescriptionERU *
Non-Single-Family, 100-year0.5$7.65$7.81$7.96$7.96$7.96$7.96
Non-Single-Family, 25-year0.65$9.95$10.15$10.35$10.35$10.35$10.35
Cleared and Compacted0.33$5.05$5.15$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25

*Equivalent Residential Units - Please see DMC 22.04.030(b)