Business Information

Business Licenses

The City of DuPont requires all businesses physically located in the City limits to obtain a City business license.  Businesses physically located outside of the City and plan to conduct business within the City and their gross annual income within the City limits is greater than $2,000.00 annually, are required to obtain a City business license, as well. The City has partnered with the State of Washington Department of Revenue for a one-stop shop for state and city business licenses. Visit the State of Washington Business Licensing Service for more information.

Business Taxes

The City of DuPont collects business and occupation tax, admissions tax, gambling tax and utility taxes.

The City does not bill or collect property tax, sales tax, hotel/motel tax, or real estate excise taxes. Property taxes are assessed and collected by the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer Office. Sales tax and hotel/motel taxes are collected by local businesses and remitted to the state. Real estate excise taxes are collected during the sales transaction of real property and remitted to Pierce County.