Business License

Business License Requirements

If you are a business with a physical presence in DuPont or plan to conduct business within DuPont city limits, you will need to register your business with the City and State. The City of DuPont and the State of Washington, Department of Revenue, Business Licensing Service are involved in a combined licensing one-stop system that allows you to obtain state and city licenses at the same time. You will receive a master license from the state, showing both your city and state business licenses. The fee for a DuPont license is $75. Non-profit businesses are required to file with the City but there is no fee required with submission of a valid 501(c)3 exemption form. The license is for one year and expires with the State Master License. To contact Washington State Business Licensing Services please call (360) 705-6741 or view for more contact information.  If you are considering opening a business, the Department of Revenue has Business License Wizard online that can help you.  This site will walk you through a series of questions and then inform you of the licenses you may need, contact information and next steps.  Click on Business License Wizard above or go to: Open a business | Washington Department of Revenue.

Home Occupation Permit

You are required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit in addition to a regular business license if you are doing business in your home. The permit fee is $100 and is a one-time cost. The business license fee, with an approved home occupation permit, is $75 for the first year and $20 per year thereafter, as long as the gross receipts remain under $10,000 per year. Click here to be directed to our SmartGov online portal so you can complete your online application.

Rental Housing Business License

City of DuPont Ordinance Number 12-944 requires the owners of any residential property which is located in DuPont and which is leased or rented to residential tenants to obtain a City of DuPont Rental Housing Business License.

Rental housing business licenses for new rentals must be applied and paid for within the first month of rental. Renewals for pre-existing rental housing business licenses must be applied and paid for every year by January 31st.

New or renewal licenses not paid for by the deadlines specified above will be assessed late fees.  Licenses not paid within 30 days of the due dates will be charged a $250 per unit late fee in addition to the license fees. 

Click here to be directed to our SmartGov online portal where you can complete your application and pay for it online. Need step-by-step instructions?  Click here.

Solicitor License

If your business requires you to make sales by going door to door, you must obtain a Solicitor license. The fee is $15 per year, with duration of January to December. Solicitor licenses are issued at City Hall. Download the Solicitor’s Application (PDF).

Temporary or Event License

This license is valid for 24 hours and covers vendors conducting business in the City for a special event. Temporary or event licenses are issued at City hall at a cost of $5. 

Click here to be directed to our Customer Portal where you can complete your application/renewal and pay for it online.  For first time users of the portal click on Portal Instructions to help you get set up.  Portal Instructions

Register Your Business

To register your business, please complete the following forms: