Business Owner Information

About Your Annual Business Inspection

The City of DuPont Fire Department is conducting the annual fire and life safety inspection of your business. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that proper fire and life safety codes are being followed to help prevent problems before they occur and to keep us all as safe as possible. Annual fire and life safety inspections are required by law and the DuPont Fire Department is conducting inspections in boiler and machinery occupancies.

What Happens During the Inspection

This inspection is not meant to interfere with your normal business operations. The fire crew can conduct the inspection with someone from your business escorting them or they can operate independently; whichever is more convenient or comfortable for you. They will need to access all rooms in your building, so please provide any keys that they may require for access. The fire crew will not move, alter, activate, or otherwise change anything in your business. When the crew is finished, they will leave a copy of their inspection report for your records. The form will list out the results of the inspection and any action that may be required by you along with a time frame for those corrections to be completed.


An invoice will be sent to you from the City after the inspection is completed. The inspector will not accept payment for service.

Fire Inspection Fee List (PDF)


If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact Mike Turner, Fire Marshall, at (253) 666-2760.