Dynamite Train

The DuPont Company

During its operation, the DuPont Company had a fleet of narrow-gauge locomotives and rail cars to deliver materials and explosives between the old DuPont Powderworks Plant and the Puget Sound. When the DuPont Company sold the plant and surrounding property in 1977 to Weyerhaeuser, the fleet of locomotives, flat bed and boxcars were included with the sale. In the same year, the DuPont Historical Museum opened. Members began the task of retrieving artifacts and oral history accounts to preserve DuPont’s unique history. In the early 1980s, residents organized a grass roots effort to rescue a 1941 Plymouth 12-ton engine along with 5 other rail cars from Weyerhaeuser. It is the particular train locomotive that navigated the line, which resides under the Train Canopy.

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For more information about the DuPont Dynamite Train or its historical journey, please visit the museum website.