Protect Your Drinking Water

Help Us Protect Your Drinking Water Supply

The City of DuPont is aggressively working to protect your drinking water supply from contamination. This effort is called the "Cross Connection Control Program." This program ensures that used or non-potable water, or other contaminates, do not enter our drinking water system. This program assures that customers take the proper precautions to prevent this type of drinking water contamination through annual inspection and testing, as well as by assuring that all plumbing code requirements are properly followed.

A cross connection is any temporary or permanent connection between a public water system or a consumer's potable water supply and any source or system containing non-potable water or other substances. An example is the piping between a public water system or a consumer's potable water supply and an auxiliary water system, cooling system, pond or irrigation system. DuPont water system customers regulated by the "Cross Connection Control Program" will be contacted when the annual inspection and testing is due for their facilities. More detailed information is available by contacting the Public Works Department at (2530 912-5381.

The City would also like to remind those DuPont residents who have landscape irrigation systems that you will soon be receiving your annual system backflow testing notices. These annually required tests ensure that water from the irrigation system does not "backflow" into the drinking water system.

If you are thinking of installing a landscape irrigation system on your property, you are reminded that a permit from the City of DuPont is required. Please contact us at (253) 912-5381 to discuss the permitting and inspection requirements associated with your irrigation system installation.

Residential Installations Inspection Requirements & Forms

Protect Your Drinking Water flyer (PDF)