About Our Water

DuPont Water Supply

The City of DuPont currently utilizes groundwater from five (5) wells for its public drinking water supply. The City's water supply wells are located in the Bell Hill and Hoffman Hill development areas. All of the City's wells draw from deep aquifers making them less susceptible to contaminants. Bell Hill Well Numbers 1 and 3 and Hoffman Hill Well Numbers 1 and 2 draw water from the Upper Salmon Springs Aquifer; Bell Hill Well Number 2 draws water from the deeper undifferentiated Outwash/ Lakewood Glacier Aquifer. Bell Hill Well's 1 & 2 and Hoffman Hill Well 2 are equipped with emergency generators for continuous operation during power outages. Prior to its connection and integration with the main DuPont water system in 2010, DuPont also operated a separate satellite water system providing service only to customers in the El Rancho Madrona development area. This small satellite system was integrated in 2010 to increase system reliability for those customers, and to increase overall system efficiency and functionality.

Water Storage

The City has two primary storage reservoirs. A 3.0 million-gallon reservoir is located on Hoffman Hill, a 1.0 million-gallon reservoir is located at Bell Hill. The only treatment used on DuPont's groundwater sources is the addition of small amounts of chlorine to provide disinfection prior to distribution. DuPont water continues to meet all Department of Health drinking water standards. We take pride in working each day to provide you and your family with safe and reliable drinking water.