VIP Birthdays

VIP Birthday at DPD!  (06/23/21)

Please join Team DPD in sending BIG happy 4th birthday wishes to Peter!  Peter, his brother Pavel, and their mom and dad moved to DuPont recently from another country.  Being a great dad, Peter’s father reached out to us, explaining that Peter wants to be a police officer when he grows up, and wanted to know if a DPD officer could congratulate him on his special day.  We decided to do him one better and throw a little party for this future crime-fighter at the station.  Happy birthday, Peter – and to your wonderful family, WELCOME TO DUPONT!


V.I.P. IN DUPONT!  (09/22/2020)

We are pleased to introduce this future crime-fighter, Ryan!  Team DPD had the privilege of throwing a little party for Ryan’s 5th birthday.  Ryan’s family just moved to DuPont from their last military duty station in Germany.   Because of COVID-19, Ryan has not been able to go to school in person to make new friends here.  When mom asked what he wanted for his birthday, Ryan said he wanted to see a police car...when we heard this, we thought we would do him one better!  We truly enjoyed spending time with Ryan, and we were honored to meet his mom and dad, as the sacrifices military families make every day are nothing short of heroic!  Thanks for spending your special day with Team DPD, Ryan…HAPPY BIRTHDAY & WELCOME TO DUPONT!


Ryan on MC

Ryan w Luna